Kintsukuroi Teacup

The teacup project is a current work in progess.

One of my sort of secret weekend hobbies is going antiquing. Walking into an antique store is like walking into a little world of curios from the past. Sometime in college, I purchased this beautiful little teacup from Scarlet Loves Rhettro in Atlanta, GA. For years, it dutifully held my keys and earrings on my dresser for me and survived countless moves from apartment to apartment over the years. One day at the beginning of the January in 2013, it mysteriously broke. 

Although I have no real sentimental attachment to this small ceramic piece, it is an object I've become quite fond of over the years. Since I'm still in need of a small little cup to hold my earrings, and I have access to a 3D printer, I decided to take on the task of digitally recreating this small ceramic teacup. I've begun the process of photographing this teacup to digitally recreate in 123D Catch, and I hope to recreate it in a digital file to 3D print. With the 3D mesh created, I hope to also manipulate the texture and surface of the cup to create new items from the original. 

This project will have a few steps:

1. Repair
I reconstructed the original piece as best I could with superglue and other adhesives. Small gaps from missing pieces were filled in with polymer clay. 

2. Scanning
Photographs of the model will be taken for digital recreation in Autdodesk 123D. This is the current stage of the project.

3. Tweaking
After scanning, the mesh will be manipulated and repaired with tools like Netfabb, Meshman, and Blender.

4. Printing on the MakerBot
Prototypes will be printed with my MakerBot Thingomatic

5.Printing with Shapeways
I hope to print the final pieces in ceramics with Shapeways.