Residency at MAD

In Febrary 2014, I took part in a residency at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. For one week, I was the Designer in Residence for the the Exhibit Out of Hand sponsored by the 3D printing company Shapeways. Out of Hand was an exhibit that ran from Fall 2013 through the Spring of 2014 at the museum that showcased how rapid prototypying technologies are changing the fields of art and design.

While the designer in residence, I worked on many 3D printing projects and had access to a Form 1 3D printer to prototype my creations. I also showcased work from my Wearable Planter series. 

At the museum, I used a Kinect sensor connected to Skanect software and the Form 1 printer to 3D scan  and print my arm to prototype the High Five Pin and Hand Pendant. I also worked on my Teacup Series while at the museum, creating new forms for the teacup and printing them on the Form 1. I created other small objects as well like new pieces for my Wearable Planter series and pens that fit just right.