Maud Baker User Interaction Design and Wireframing

Maud Baker is an Atlanta area florist that has been in business since the 1940s. While I was at Nebo Agency, they approached us to create a site for their business to help them grow. In their site, they wanted to convey their history in Atlanta and allow customers to easily view and order floral arrangements. I created wireframes for the client to outline the interaction of users on the site and mapped out pages that would tell their story as part of Atlanta's small business community.

Most of the challenge in this project came from working on the information architecture of the available products and clearly displaying them for customers. Customers buy floral arrangements for many different occassions, and we wanted to create a site that allowed them to quickly find the appropriate arrangements for their wants and needs amongst thousands of option. The site is built upon the Magento content management system, so we had to work within the software's architecture to create categories that would be easy to organize for the site's administrator and visible to users.

My role in the project was to create wireframes to outline the layout of the site and to plan for the user's interaction. This project was completed while I was at Nebo Agency.