Ignite Lamp

The Ignite Lamp is an interactive lamp that reacts to the world around it. 

As humans, we naturally take from the world around us. There's an adage that says simply 'we are the product of everyone we've ever met'. As you go throughout your day and carry the Ignite Lamp, it collects evergy from the sun as you collect thoughts and ideas from your surroundings. In the evening, as you converse with friends, the lamp comes alive. It reacts to the level of noise from speech, and gets brighter as the conversation gets louder.

The handle of the lamp is made from recycled bicycle spokes. The body of the lamp is made from milled wood and a frosted reused jar. Inside, the lamp works with a solar panel to charge a small battery. That battery powers a circuit that uses a the input of sound volume as a potentiometer to control the brightness of the light.