• For Atlanta Maker Faire this year, I made some lasercut felt kits to teach people an introduction to wearable circuits. 

    I worked with Patricia Bell, Tyna Kachnic, and Christina Mayo to design the activity, and we each created a monster or a critter that can be worn as a pin. This kit shows the finished packaging the creature that I designed.


    Our lasercut felt monster kits were a hit at Maker Faire! We’re working on getting them ready for our soon to launch Etsy shop now!

  • Collaboration of the week with my friends Trisha Bell, Tyna Kachnic, and Christina Mayo.


    Project of the week: Bookmarks for Back to School, Part 1.

    Print out some fun bookmarks to make the return to bring some color to your school books. Download on Dropbox.

  • siroscareastwood:

    What We Made: Bookplates for your personal library. Print them out and affix to your favorite books. Download them here on Dropbox.

    Illustrations by Patricia Bell, Colleen Jordan, Tyna Kachnic, and Christina Mayo.

  • Prototypes of new rings for Wearable Planter. 3D printed by Shapeways.