Art on the Beltline 2011

Art on the Beltline is an annual public arts program in its second year. The program brings public pieces of art to the Belitline space to encourage its use as a public space.

This bench is the mixture of two types of public spaces, bench and lawn. The bench raises the height of the lawn, allowing anyone to sit in the grass easily.

In early 2011, I submitted a proposal for a bench along the Beltline. This piece goes on the idea that we like sitting on grass more than a bench, and raises the surface of the ground to a height more comfortable for sitting. Through its form, it aims to inspire interaction in a way that a traditional park bench cannot. This project was selected as one of the pieces for the 2011 Art on the Beltline Series.

The Atlanta Beltline is an urban renewal project in the heart of Atlanta. The Beltline was once a rail loop around the city that carried goods from hub to hub within and around Atlanta. Over the years, parts of the line have been abandoned and unused, and there is currently a move to reinvigorate the space into a mixed use transportation and public parks project.

This bench was situated at the intersection of the Beltline Corridor and Lena Street in Atlanta, GA, and was on display from September through December 2011.